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Maria Zong is an accredited practitioner of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Oriental Remedial Therapy. She is a fellow member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).

Maria was born and trained in China. She holds the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Medicine (China), Diploma of Acupuncture (China), Diploma of Massage (China), Graduate Diploma of Immunology & Microbiology (University of Tasmania)

Maria practised acupuncture and Chinese medicine for 6 years in China before coming to Australia. She started to practise acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the Hobart area in 1993. Over her 25 years of practice she has helped many people with different health conditions.

Maria has had a number of appearances in the media, including radio, newspaper and TV regarding her professional work.

Maria is based in Sandy Bay but services clients from all over Hobart and Tasmania.

She has also attained the certificate of Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

Maria Appears on ABC TV, Second Opinion, Click to view more

Maria also creates her own unique skin and hair products using natural ingredients and Chinese herbs. This can range from shampoo to skin and facial creams.  She may prescribe and tailor-make skin or hair products in her clinic for her patients. Some of her skin and hair products may be purchased on line.

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