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Beauty Repair Cream (20ml)

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    Beauty Repair Cream (20ml)

    Special Chinese herbs are chosen in this natural product to repair the beauty of the skin and to help improve the appearance of pigmented skin, which can appear as liver spots, age spots and sun spots. The herbs are so safe that you can eat them.


    Apply 3 times a day after cleaning the area that requires attention. You only need to use a very small amount of the cream, just a thin layer to cover the affected area.

    Story 1:

    A young lady came to me one day and showed me a red spot the size of a 5 cent coin on her cheek. She told me that one day she was reading a book under the sun without a hat on and she fell asleep for 2 hours or more (She could not remember how long it was). Later she found that she had this red spot. She had been to different doctors and nothing seem to help.

    She said that after using 1 jar of this cream the red spot had faded a lot. She was so happy that the next time when she travelled to Tasmania, she came and bought 2 jars of the cream.

    Story 2:

    A gentlemen had a hard sun spot on his cheek and used this cream on it. He told me that the spot has become softened.


    Q. How does this product differ from other products in the market?

    It is a safe, gentle and effective natural product that doesn’t use abrasives or acids.

    Q. My skin is very sensitive to many skin products, can I use this cream?

    Only natural ingredients are used in this product so it can be used on most skin types.

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