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Intensive Care Hand Cream (30ml)

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    Intensive Care Hand Cream (30ml)

    Chinese herbs and essential oils are chosen in this moisturising cream to relieve, soothe and soften dry or chapped hands.

    The story of why Maria Zong made this cream:

    I have been doing acupuncture for around 25 years. Before performing acupuncture I need to wash my hands with antiseptics and use alcohol swabs to clean the site where I am going to do acupuncture. After many years of using these strong chemicals, my hands became very dry and rough and the skin often peeled or cracked. My younger brother said that my hands look like an old tree’s bark.

    Through years of research and development, I now have my very own hand cream that works for me better than other products that I tried over the years. The dryness in my hands is much better and the cracking and peeling are so much better that, in the last four years, I have only used my own hand cream. My hands are now in their best condition in 10 years. They are much smoother now.


    Q. Who can use this hand cream?

    A. This product is suitable for all types of dry hands.

    Q. When do I use this hand cream?

    A. Every time after washing and drying your hands.

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