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Moisturiser for dry and mature skin (32ml)

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    Moisturiser for dry and mature skin (32ml)

    Chinese herbs and essential oils are specially chosen to help:

    1. moisten skin and make skin feel smoother
    2. promote elasticity of the skin
    3. prevent the appearance of fine lines


    After washing your face and neck, apply to these areas morning and/or night.

    My experience with this cream

    I created this moisturiser in 2003 and have been using it ever since.

    In the first year or two I used my product only on one side of my face. I found that on the side where I was putting the moisturiser the fine lines were not looking as prominent as the other side. One day one of my patients told me that I should use my cream on both sides of my face, otherwise my face would look lopsided. So I am now using it on both sides. Most people including my Chinese friends think that I look much younger than my actual age.

    A few years ago we went sailing for about 10 days in summer. After the trip I found some small wrinkles on my neck in between my collar bones. It may have been caused by lots of sun and sea breeze. I put this moisturiser on them and a few days later I could not see any wrinkles on that area any more. I could not be happier.

    When my son was 11 years old, he had a cold one day and his nose became red from using tissues. I put some of this cream on his nose and the redness and soreness got better very quickly. Normally he does not like to put anything on his face, but next time when he had a cold, he was quite happy for me to put the cream on. Once again he felt better very quickly.


    Q. Can I use this cream around my eye area?

    A. Yes, especially if the eyelid and surrounding skin is dry, this cream will hydrate and soothe the area.

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